Cobas c 311 urine analyzer

The cobas c 311 analyzer is a freestanding biochemical instrument that allows you to perform the widest range of tests


The cobas c 311 analyzer is a freestanding biochemical instrument which allows a wide range of tests to be performed. It includes an ion-selective unit which measures potassium, sodium, and chlorine. In addition, the analyzer allows the testing of HbA1c from whole blood.


- More than 100 tests and applications available 
- Predictable analysis turnaround time;
Intelligent sample handling 
- 108 sample positions with continuous random access and flexible STAT priority settings;
- Automatic determination of sample quality;  
- Automatic sample dilution and retesting capabilities;
 Original reagent concept
- The required information is encoded in a barcode on the cobas c-pack;
- No preparation or mixing is required;
- Economical use due to the high stability of the reagents and the convenient number of tests in one pack for laboratory streams;
High system reliability
- High system reliability based on 35 years of experience;
- Comprehensive training and support from all Roche divisions;
- Automated maintenance functions;
- Minimal time for maintenance procedures;
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