BTL-6000 SWT TOPLINE for andrology

Technical Specifications


- Intuitive operation with color touch screen (5.7")
- Compact and portable - only 7 kg including built-in compressor
- Easy to use for all levels of nursing staff - color anatomical encyclopedia with illustrations, customizable therapies for experienced users
- Ergonomic applicator - designed with the user in mind

Technical Specifications

- Pressure up to 5 bar;
- Frequency up to 20 Hz;
- Ergonomic design created by users;
Ergonomic handle shape
- Prevents the applicator from falling out of the therapist's hand during treatment;
- Ergonomic shape allows the therapist to hold the handle in different positions: it can be held with either the right or left hand;
- Provides sufficient support for the therapist's hand to prevent fatigue during prolonged use;

Eliminates kickback 
- Spring applicator that eliminates recoil in the therapist's hand;
- Ensures the necessary contact between the treatment area and the applicator during the procedure;
- Built-in air damper;

Multi-focus Sensors
- Specially designed sensors with multiple
Multi-focus Sensors; Specially designed sensors with multiple focal points;
- Allow for more efficient energy transfer
to a given tissue;
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