Stationary digital X-ray system DRE 150

  • JPI Healthcare is the No. 1 manufacturer of high quality X-ray machines in South Korea.
  • The company is represented and competes in markets such as the U.S. and Japan.
  • JPI Healtcare is recognized as the only X-ray mesh manufacturer in Korea;
  • 2003 Recognized by Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA) as "GRID Manufacturer of the Year".
  • 2010 г. JPI Healthcare was founded in USA and Japan;
  • 2012 г. Developed optimized mesh for breast tomosynthesis as world's first
Technical Specifications


The DRE 150 radiographic system is a digital radiographic system that uses state-of-the-art flat-panel detectors to take full advantage of the modern hospital environment. The DRE 150 X-ray system is designed for two workstations, for X-ray examinations on an imaging table and on an upright stand. The high efficiency, quality and performance of the DRE 140/150 has been recognized in countries such as the USA, Japan and Korea. The DRE 150 radiographic system is widely recognized for features such as a high-end system with improved workflow and high reliability - while being highly cost-effective and easy to use. The DRE 150 X-ray system comes complete with an X-ray tube and X-ray generator to ensure the reliability of the system.


- High diagnostic accuracy and low radiation exposure
- Phenomenal results thanks to ExamVue's dynamic technology, dedicated image processing and commentary software (brightness/contrast, scale, panorama, cropping, inversion, rotation, tilt, label, text)
- High-frequency generator provides minimal patient dose, excellent reproducibility and superior image contrast.
- Flat-panel detector for digital radiography provides high sensitivity, high resolution, low noise and excellent image quality, also features high performance for clinical applications.
- An ergonomic tube stand makes it faster and easier for the operator to examine on a table or rack.
- Bucca's vertical stand has a height adjustment range of 400 to 1,800 mm, making it easy to examine from the cervical spine to the lower extremities.
- The sturdy construction of the table allows the examination of large patients (up to 200 kg). Thanks to the foot switch built into the base of the table, the operator can safely perform the procedure with the comfort of the patient without waiting for sudden movement of the upper surface of the table.

Technical Specifications

Brief technical recommendations for the room and power supply for the installation
Ceiling height
at least 2700cm
Floor area
min. 26sqm
Voltage of power supply
Permissible voltage fluctuations
+/- 10%
Power frequency
50 Hz
Maximum power consumption of the unit
50 kW, short term
not more than 0,15 Ohm
Stand Bucky
Vertical travel
1 400 mm
Min. tube height (from floor)
400 mm
Max. tube height (from floor)
1 800 mm
Power supply capacity
1Ø 16 ~ 24VAC 50/60Hz
120 kg
Table Bucky (for 4 directions)
Upper part length and width
2 000 x 745 mm
Table height
670 mm
Top material
Longitudinal movement
±280 mm
Transverse movement
±140 mm
Bucca movement
±230 mm
Max. patient weight
Max. 200 kg
Power supply
1Ø 220VAC 50/60Hz
210 kg

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