SITEC DigiRad FP series digital radiography system

-       Quicker and easier inspection;
-       Smaller size;
-        Reliable performance with unchanged      image.
Technical Specifications


The DIGIRAD floor type is a standard X-ray system with high durability and performance, providing superior space saving in a small footprint at an unbelievable cost. Experience improved workflow and increased efficiency, especially with the EVS series digital x-ray detector.


-    Fast and consistent imaging performance;
-    The seamless integration of the system, detector and console provides preset position and exposure conditions, making exams fast and easy.
-    Control the generator from both PC and console;
-       The dual control console minimizes the inconvenience caused by errors and repeated exams and speeds up the workflow;
-       Smaller package size with an easy installation package size of 45% smaller for easy transportation and installation, saving costs and time;
-      Small Area;
-       Perfect for small clinics;
-       The all-in-one compact floor system makes great use of space in small clinics;

Technical Specifications

High-frequency generator
40 kW 50 kW
Influence voltage
40 - 125kVp
40 - 150kVp
mA range
10 - 500mA
10 - 630mA
Two speed starter
Optional high speed starter
Input power (power supply)
220 V ac,
60 Hz, Single-phase
380 V ac, 50/60 Hz, Three-phase

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