Supermark 1.5 T Magnetic Resonance Imager

Technical Specifications


As a leader in advanced technology in China, ANKE is committed to innovation and adheres to the principle of "bringing technology to health care.
- We are committed to providing users with high quality, efficient and reliable new technologies and products.
- Excellent performance.
-Unique combination of low dose and imaging quality
- Accurate imaging
- Safe
- Consultation/support with remote access 24/7

Technical Specifications

Computer System

The high-performance control computer and high-performance
reconstruction processor is ideal for the most demanding
Computer operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit);
CPU: 3.6GHz (i7, eight cores);
RAM: 16 GB
Hard drive: 1TB×2;
Number of image storages (256 x 256 matrix): ≥ 2,750,000 (256 × 256);
Image reconstruction speed (256x256, 100% FOV): ≥ 3,300 fps;
Display Size: 24";
High resolution LCD monitor: 1920 x 1200 pixels;
External image data storage: DVD/USB;
DICOM3.0 interface: available;
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