Automatic urine analyzer cobas u 601

The cobas u 601 automatic urine analyzer uses Combur-Test test strips based on original technology.
Technical Specifications


The Combur-Test strips are resistant to ascorbic acid interference and provide reliable results. A urine sample is pipetted onto each reaction zone, followed by
The Combur-Test is resistant to scorbic acid interference and provides reliable results.


Proven test strip technology
The original design of the Combur-Test test strips avoids interference
from glue-like components by eliminating their use. In addition, the test strips are resistant to ascorbic
acid which has been producing quality results for over 50 years.
A new generation of reading systems
test strips. A new photometer with improved test strip error detection technology can distinguish lysed red blood cells from intact red blood cells and produce reliable results.
Continuous loading and unloading of sample racks and easy loading of test strips packed in RFID cassettes significantly reduce operator involvement and overall optimize workflow.

Technical Specifications

The cobas u 601 system:
Automatic urine analyzer

System configurations Off-line:
- Automatic urine analyzer cobas u 601
- The cobas u 601 can be extended to a cobas u 601+ cobas u 701 urine analyzer by combining it with a cobas u 701 urine sludge analyzer

Up to 240 samples/hour
Test parameters
ERY RBCs and hemoglobin LEU Leucocytes
NIT Nitrite
KET Ketone bodies PRO Protein
GLU Glucose
UBG Urobilinogen BIL Bilirubin pH
SG Specific gravity COL Color
CLA Clarity

Cassette cobas u pack with 400 test strips for urinalysis. Stability of cobas u pack on board analyzer is 14 days

Sample loading/unloading unit
- Loading/unloading capacity: 75 specimens (15 racks), continuous loading/unloading
- Tripod: 5-position, standard sample rack
- Rack tray: Tray with 15 racks/75 specimens, standard sample tray
- Automatic start immediately after loading routine or priority samples
Types of sample tubes
Length: 65-115mm. Diameter: 13-16mm. Bottom: Round, conical or false

Minimum sample volume
- 2.0ml
- 1.5 ml (no SG and CLA)
Principles of Measurement
- Reflectance photometry: with 4 different wavelengths (465, 528, 560 and 615 nm)
- Refractometry: SG
- Turbidimetry: CLA

- Cobas u calibration test strip
Storage of results
- Test results: up to 10,000 samples (including images)
- Quality Control (QC): up to 300 results per level
- Operator can export all results to external media, including QC and calibration results

Power requirements
- Voltage
100-125 В (+10%, -15%)
200-240 В (+10%, -15%)
- Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz (± 5%)
Statutory requirements
The cobas u 601 automatic urinalysis analyzer meets the safety requirements of the
Directive on in vitro diagnostic medical devices 98/79/EC. Also our instruments are manufactured and tested according to international standards.

Operating environment
- Ambient temperature 18-32 °C
- 30-80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Overall dimensions
Width (with load/unload units) 107.9 cm Width (without load/unload units) 68.7 cm Depth 53.2 cm
Height 64.4 cm

With or without loading/unloading unit 92.7 kg Without loading or unloading unit 80.5 kg
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