Computed tomography system ANATOM 64 Fit

ANKE as a leader in advanced computed tomography system technology strives to innovate by adhering to the principle of "bringing technology to health care.


The ANATOMFit sliding ring with the new material design is more stable and wear-resistant compared to conventional CT, so that the lifetime of the carbon element is 1.5 times longer than that of conventional designs. The sliding ring and carbon element structure of a conventional design must be replaced within 2 years, while the replacement cycle on the ANATOMFit can be over three years, significantly reducing the daily maintenance costs for the hospital.
Not only does the Assumption Ring of excellent performance, not only fully guarantee the stability of the data power transfer between the fixed part and the turning part, but also ensures the normal operation of the
equipment cycle and creates great economic benefits for the user.


ANAtom Fit rotary technology uses high accuracy and a closed loop feedback system. One million feedback signals will be received in one lap of gentry rotation, providing precise control of the system in one rotation with a resolution of 0.00036 degrees. At the same time, the rotary actuator control unit can adjust the speed according to the feedback data and make sure the system works smoothly within the 5/1000 deviation range.
In addition, the system can adjust the position of the scanning area in real time according to the read information and feedback to ensure the accuracy of the rotation angle.
The ANATOMFit has been designed to have 12 times the durability factor, thus providing more than 10 years of service life. The scanning speed can reach 0.32 s per revolution, providing a solid foundation for further equipment upgrades.
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