Digital mammography system ASR-4000

Complete set
Technical Specifications

Complete set

Digital mammography ASR-4000 package

X-ray tube
High voltage generator
Flat panel detector
Central component
Operator workstation
System software
Power distribution unit
Control console
Foot switch
High-voltage cable
User manual


Superior performance
 - Unique combination of low dose and imaging quality
 - Precise imaging
 - Economical
 - Secure
 - Consultation/support with remote access 24/7

Technical Specifications

1.    Detection system (Anrad, made in Canada)
Detector material: Amorphous silicon (a-Si)
Detector size: 30 cm×24 cm
Image sensor, number of pixels: 4096×3072
Spatial resolution: ≥7LP/mm@45°
ADC: 16 bit
Pixel size: 85μm
Image acquisition speed : ≤5s
2.    High voltage generator
Input voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Power limit: 5KV
Maximum output voltage: 40KV
Maximum output current: 160mA
Maximum exposure time: 10000ms
3.    X-ray tube (IAE, made in Italy)
X-ray tube focal points: 2.
Size, Large focus, mm: 0.1
Size, Small focus, mm: 0.3
Angle of anode: 15°
Positive photographic material: Molybdenum
Proprietary filtration: 0.5mm Be
Anode accumulator heat capacity: 225KJ(300Te)
Heat capacity of collapsible tube: 320KJ(426Te)
Additional filtration: 0.03mm(Mo)/0.025mm(RH); 0.03mm(Mo)/0.3mm(AL)                   
Or 0.05mm(RH)/0.05mm(Ag)
4.    C-type frame X-ray system (center component)
      C-stand lifting height: 770mm~1310mm
            C-staff rotation range: -180~180°
            Rotation range of the tube: -30~+30°
Distance from source to image receiver 65cm
Protection: At least 4 types
5.    Collimator
Control: Automatic
Lighting: LEDs
             Size (light field) : 24*30cm、18*24cm、5*18cm
Filtration material: Mo/Rh, Mo/AL or RH/Ag
6.    Compression system
AVR (depending on the thickness and density of the breast, compression automatically selects the filtration materials and exposure parameters, kV and mA)
Manual exposure mode: Setting; kV and mA mx)
Compression mode: Automatic/Manual
Decompression mode: Automatic/Manual
Compression plate: Universal - supporting all sizes
Compression accuracy: ±20N
             Max radius: 5~280mm
            Compression range: 0N~200N
Pressure/thickness display mode: Digital
7.    Operator workstation
Patient information management
- Clinical case management functions including patient information, verification and image management.
- Standard DICOM3.0Worklist query service, performs queries
and can download information from the Hospital Information System/Image Transfer and Archiving System.

Image acquisition
- Built-in x-ray generator control interface, can adjust x-ray generator settings
directly from the software
            -Exposure (for high voltage generator and flat panel detector,
communication control, irradiation, detection, imaging).
- Image generation in DICOM format (combination of image pixels, patient information,
Exposure information).
- Patient parameters defined for each placement
- Automatic exposure setting functions
- Image preprocessing
- Real-time adjustment of the wide window position
- Real time capture of the inspected body part
- Real time horizontal and vertical mirror function

Image processing
- Real time display system status
- Window width and level and gamma setting, multi-point curve matching table settings
- Positive and negative transform, image scaling, reflection, mirroring, rotation, zoom
- Original image display, full screen, histogram display, window adjustment
- Image smoothing, sharpening, noise reduction, edge removal, tissue structure alignment
- Image annotation function
- Temporary real-time storage system stores a certain number of images
- Display of patient/testing/equipment information, image information
-Various image modes: 1×1、1×2、2×2
- Navigated image preview display for all patients

Image output
- DICOM3.0 standard laser output camera, can easily choose the configured printing scheme (film size, layout)
- DICOM3.0 standard archive service, can host the image file on the server, supports automatic sending of background image

Clinical images:
Hardware: 3.3 GHz dual-core processor, 8.0 GB memory, 1T hard drive, DVD,  
19-inch LCD monitor
Operating system: Win7
5M special mammary display: Your choice
8.    Power Distribution Unit
Mains power requirement 380 V (three-phase alternating current) at 50 Hz; Power requirement: 2.5 kVa
Output power: 67.5 kVA
Voltage: 380 V three-phase alternating current;
            Grounding: ≤ Ω;
Circuit breaker: 63 A

9.    Environment and room requirements
Equipment room: Temperature: 23C±1C; Relative Humidity:40%-80% Free space: Length≥4m, width≥3m, height≥3m
Control Room: Temperature: 23C±5C Relative Humidity: 40%-80%
Free Space: Length≥2m, width≥1.5m, he
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