MV 2000 Series EVO 5 Ventilator

The IVLMV 2000 for use in intensive care units.                                    
Has many functions, advanced features.      
The device is excellent for patients of all ages - newborns, children and adults.
Technical Specifications


The IVLMV 2000 for use in intensive care units.                            
It has many features and advanced capabilities.     
The device is excellent for patients of all ages - newborns, children and adults.       
Innovative technology:      
State-of-the-art Proportional Solenoid Technology (PSOL);                           
Active exhalation valve;                       
Pneumatic locking system;                      
Multiple protection mechanism;
HF ventilator (high frequency ventilation) "tube - piston".            
Ease of operation:                      
Easy-to-operate pop-up menu;               
with rotary knob and touch screen;                 
"Intelligent" calculation of parameter settings (IMT);                              
 Emergency start with IMT ;
Quick calibration (software).


High resolution graphical interface:                  
- Allows monitoring of set parameters on one screen                          
- Simultaneous display of 5 oscillating signals and loops;
- Full monitoring of alarms;
- Dynamic display in graphical and tabular form (up to 72 hours);
- 15" LCD touch screen.
Advanced features:
- Duplicating system for apnea;   
- Manual/automatic nebulizer;
- Lung Mechanics Functions - Suppleness and Resistance, Auto- PEEP;      
- Heated exhalation valve;                             
- Masked ventilation (non-invasive);                            
- Pressure and temperature measurement (BTPS);                              
- Maintenance, system verification and monitoring using unique software.                

Technical Specifications

Brief Technical Description MV2000:        
15″ color, touch screen display;                      
Fan application: newborns-children-adults;                           
Ventilation modes: PACV, PSIMV, VACV, VSIMV, SPONT, tBILEVEL, PRVC, AUTOVENT, O2 flow, apnea backup ventilation, CPR, TCPL-AC, TCPL-SIMV, PV instrument, SHFV, DHFV, AwPRVC;
SpO2, EtCO2, proximal pressure monitoring and micro-pump nebulizer.
Performance parameters:          
Patient weight range for automatic ventilation settings: 0 to 150 kg.        
Respiratory volume: 2 to 2500 ml;                             
Inspiratory pressure: 1 to 99 cm H2O;                             
PEEP/CPAP: 0 to 50cm H2O;                             
Respiratory rate: 0 to 150 dpm;                              
FiO2: 21% to 100%.
Electrical Requirements:        
AC: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; DC: 12V 7A, built-in battery allows uninterrupted operation for 180 minutes.                             
Main unit:
SU:M2 Advanced standard fan with fukts:
1) "PRVC", "Pressure-regulatedvolumecontrol" - ventilation mode based on "Pressurecontrolventilation" or "PCV" feature is that the respiratory pressure level is set by the ventilator based on the target respiratory volume set by the doctor;
2) "BiLevel" mode of forced ventilation support of spontaneous breathing is possible from two levels (PEEPlow and PEEPhigh). "BiLevel" is a mode of spontaneous ventilation at two levels of PEEP with switching from one pressure level to another at specified time intervals. "BiLevel" is "Pressurecontrolventilation" with the possibility of spontaneous breathing throughout the breathing cycle. In other words, spontaneous breathing combined with the standard "PCV" mode. At the same time, spontaneous breaths can be maintained at each pressure level ("BiLevel "+ "PSV");
3) Automatic lung ventilation.
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